≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈, 2018.

developed nov 2017–mar 2018, 180”
premiere broadcast: WPSR, mar 18, 2018

A live, multi-station broadcast of the sound along the Blind Brook, a waterway whose headwaters surround the SUNY Purchase campus and extend to the Long Island Sound. With the help of six ­recordists — using handheld field kits, hydrophones, omnidirectional microphones, and streaming technology — live audio signals of the Brook and its environment were transmitted to a central hub, where a three hour evolving audio collage was both crafted and rebroadcast in real time via WPSR, the student radio station. This project is presently being reconceived as a fixed-station, radio-based permanent installation.

live broadcast excerpts:

composed and produced by jonathan harris
project leads: robert scheuering, dan antoniu, ralph mendoza
recordists: dan antoniu, ben bisogno, youngah cara han, sungwoo kim, austin smith, izzi stevenson
broadcasters: jonathan harris, robert scheuering
field coordinator: crystal wei
deepest gratitude to liz phillips, laura kaminsky, nathan davis, locusonus / stéphane cousot, liveshout / franziska schroeder, wpsr / lauren ruggiero & rosie evans, jrf microphones / jez riley french, westchester county parks / jason klein, the production team, and brady gunnell.