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fauna, 2018.

conceived as part of the stuff without not here, sound/sculpture installation with monika zarzeczna, eonta space, jersey city, nj, aug–sep 2018.
variable dimensions. 12.1 channels, electronics, field recordings, found objects.


fauna is A site-specific triptych of indoor and outdoor immersive sound spaces, recontextualizing industrial drones (e.g., air and other vehicular traffic, mechanical noise, etc.) in various configurations as the ambient sounds of (and the breathing and sighing of the inhabitants of) an imagined ecosystem, one that is perhaps not as fictional as it at first seems. Sounds both indoor and out were combined with recurrent sonic features near the gallery to unify the composed and real soundscapes and to promote our often-overlooked capacity for focused, musicalized listening to any environment we inhabit.

sculpture: monika zarzeczna, untitled [detail] from the stuff without not here (c) 2018